Johnson Family Timeline


Benjamin C. Johnson was born January 12, 1832 in Surry County, NC. The date of birth is derived from his Civil War Pension Application, which seems to be in line with the earliest census records. As it often seems to be, there is quite a difference in age in census records and they put him born anywhere from 1827 to 1833. Both his Death Certificate and Pension Applications list him born in Surry County, NC.


Benjamin's Death Certificate gives his fathers name as Benjamin Johnson. So far my search of the 1840 Surry County, NC Census has only turned up one Benjamin Johnson. Upon examination, I am reluctant to believe it is the correct record. My Benjamin should be about eight years old at that time, but the only young male is listed as five or under. There are a lot of Johnson families in the area at that time.


Benjamin Johnson was a common name, but fortunately for me he seemed to usually include the initial "C" with his name. I find Benjamin C. Johnson in Cherokee County, NC in the 1850 Census. He is living on the farm of Wiley Philips and his family. Information found later in the 1870 Census along with the initial leads me to believe this is in fact my Benjamin. His age is listed as 19, which is in line with the Pension Application information.

1850 Census Record:

Cherokee County, North Carolina; 1 June 1850; Page 62
Dwelling #  Family #  NameAge   Sex  Occupation  Birthplace
803803Wiley Phillips34MFarmerNC
Catherine L28FNC
Mary J11FNC
Nancy C7FNC
Cinthy M4FNC
John W2MNC
Benjamin C Johnson  19MFarmerNC
Jane Morgan46FNC
James A1/12MNC


Based on census records, Benjamin C. Johnson married Lydia M. Danner about 1856. I believe they were married in North Carolina because their first child Andrew was born there in 1857. I have not yet found a marriage record to verify this.


I find Benjamin, wife Lydia M. and three children living in Gilmer County, GA. in 1860. According to the Pension Application, Lydia was born December 12 1835. Her Death Certificate does not give a date of birth, but does have her being born in North Carolina. It also lists her father as what appears to be W.P. Danner. I feel the Danner part is correct but there is an error in the initials of her father. Information from the 1850 Surry County, NC, 1860 Gilmer County, GA and 1870 Cherokee County, NC censuses seem to support this.

1860 Census Record:

Subdivision No 33; Gilmer County, Georgia; 19 June 1860; Page 32
Dwelling #  Family #  NameAge   Sex  Occupation  Birthplace
239229Benjamin C Johnson  27MFarmerNC
Lydia M JohnsonFNC
Andrew J3MNC
Louisa H2FGA

In the 1850 Surry County, NC census I find Adam and Susannah Danner and their children, one of which is Lydia. In this record their youngest child is a son named Isaac who is 7 years old. Also, note that Susannah is born in VA and the rest of the family in NC.

1850 Census Record:

South Division; Surry County, North Carolina; 24 October 1860; Page 256
13721379Adam Danner  57MFarmerNC
James A20MFarmerNC
William H17MFarmerNC
Anna C12FNC

As mentioned earlier, Benjamin and his family are in Gilmer County, GA in 1860. I also find Adam Danner and family in the same division of Gilmer County, GA . Note that the child living with them is Isaac and his age is in line with the information from the 1850 Surry County, NC census. Also, note that Adam's wife Susannah was born in VA. This information, as well as information in the 1870 Cherokee County, NC census leads me to believe that this is the correct Danner family and that the information on Lydia's Death Certificate (Listing father as W P Danner) is incorrect.

1860 Census Record:

Subdivision No 33; Gilmer County, Georgia; 9 June 1860; Page 16
Dwelling #  Family #  NameAge   Sex  Occupation  Birthplace
118117Adam Danner  65MMillerNC
Isaac18MFarm HandNC


Benjamin enlisted into the Confederate States of America Army on March 23, 1862 in Cherokee County, NC. He served with the 25th North Carolina Infantry Company D under the command of Captain Lee. B. Tathum. Benjamin was shot in a battle near Petersburg, VA on June 18, 1864. After being treated at a hospital in Raleigh, NC he was sent home on furlough to recover from his injury. He was at home at the end of the war. Below are the battles the 25th NC Infantry were involved in during his time of service.

Date Fought



Date Fought


25 May 1862King's School House, VA 16 October 1863Noon's Springs
01 June 1862Near Kinston 16 October 1863Madison County, NC
04 June 1862 25 October 1863Madison County, TN
10 June 1862 25 October 1863Spring Creek
12 June 1862Malvern Hill, VA 25 October 1863Warm Springs, VA
25 June 1862King's School House, VA 26 October 1863Warm Springs, VA
26 June 1862King's School House, VA 15 November 1863Fredericksburg, VA
28 June 1862Richmond, VA 15 January 1864
01 July 1862Malvern Hill, VA 19 February 1864Clay County, NC
12 September 1862   Frederick, MD 15 March 1864
14 September 1862Boonsboro, MD 30 March 1864
14 September 1862Sharpsburg, MD 01 April 1864Petersburg, VA
14 September 1862South Mountain, MD 15 April 1864Plymouth, NC
15 September 1862Near Shepherdstown, VA 18 April 1864Plymouth, NC
17 September 1862Sharpsburg, MD 19 April 1864Plymouth, NC
18 September 1862Near Frederick, MD 20 April 1864Plymouth, NC
19 September 1862Sharpsburg, MD 27 April 1864Washington, NC
29 September 1862Warrenton, VA 14 May 1864Drewry's Bluff, VA
05 December 1862Winchester, VA 14 May 1864Near Drewry's Bluff, VA
13 December 1862Fredericksburg, VA 15 May 1864Drewry's Bluff, VA
15 December 1862Fredericksburg, VA 16 May 1864Buncombe County, NC
15 January 1863Near Petersburg, VA 16 May 1864Drewry's Bluff, VA
17 January 1863Strawberry Plains, TN 20 May 1864Near Drewry's Bluff, VA
28 April 1863Camp Near Kinston 01 June 1864Petersburg, VA
22 May 1863Gum Swamp, NC 02 June 1864Bermuda Hundred, VA
10 June 1863Gum Swamp, NC 04 June 1864Chickahominy River, VA
11 June 1863Near Petersburg, VA 15 June 1864Bermuda Hundred, VA
04 July 1863Vicksburg, MS 15 June 1864Petersburg, VA
15 July 1863Seven Pines, VA 16 June 1864
23 August 1863Petersburg, VA 17 June 1864Near Fort Stedman, VA
03 September 1863Weldon 17 June 1864Petersburg, VA
 18 June 1864Petersburg, VA


In 1870 I find Benjamin and his family back in Cherokee County, NC. Besides the additional children listed, I find two more important pieces of information in this census listing. First, it lists a Susannah Danner born in VA living with them. Although relationships are not listed in 1870, I believe this to be Lydia's mother and also confirms the Danner connection listed on her Death Certificate. Secondly, their residence is listed just two houses from the Phillips family that I found Benjamin living with in 1850. One apparent mistake on this record is Leander being listed as a female.

1870 Census Record:

Valley Town Township; Cherokee County, North Carolina; 8 August 1870; Page 346
Dwelling #  Family #  NameAge   Sex  Race  Occupation  Birthplace
4747Benjamin Johnson  40MWFarmerNC
Lidda31FWKeeping HouseNC
Andrew14MWFarm LaborerNC
Louiesa11FWAt HomeNC
Leander9FWFarm LaborerNC
Benjamin6MWAt HomeNC
Mary3FWAt HomeNC
Isabelle1FWAt HomeNC
Susannah Danner63FWNo Occupation  VA


The family is still in Cherokee County, NC in 1880. There are four additional children and one grandchild listed. There is a son listed as Rebbel that I believe to be the same individual that was listed as Benjamin in 1870. As far as the grandson, I am not sure which one of Benjamin's children was the parent.

1880 Census Record:

Valley Town Township; Cherokee County, North Carolina; 12 June 1880; Page 12
Dw#Fam#NameRace   Sex  Age  Relationship  Occupation  Birthplace  Father Mother
9898B C JohnsonWM53FarmerNCNCNC
LiddieWF48WifeKeeping House  NCNCNC
LouWF22DaughterAt HomeNCNCNC
RebbelWM18SonWorks on FarmNCNCNC
MaryWF16DaughterAt HomeNCNCNC
ArraWF13DaughterAt HomeNCNCNC
NicklosWM11SonWorks on FarmNCNCNC

Another interesting find in the 1880 Cherokee County, NC census, are three listings in the "Poor House". Susannah Danner is no longer living with Benjamin in 1880, but there is a listing that appears to be her in the "Poor House". Also listed there are Sarah Johnson and Sarah Johnson Jr.. Could these two Johnson women be related to Benjamin? Are they possibly his mother and sister? I don't have any answers yet, just questions, but it is something I will look into further.

1880 Census Record:

Murphy Township; Cherokee County, North Carolina; 12 June 1880; Page 14B
Dw#Fam#NameRace   Sex  Age  Birthplace  Father Mother
Poor House  Susanna Danner  WF79Widow  VAVAVA
Sarah JohnsonWF72WidowNCNCNC
Sarah Jr.WF29SingleNCNCNC


Unfortunately the census records for this year were destroyed. However from information on Benjamin's Pension Application it appears they moved to Loudon County, TN in the mid to late 1890's. Benjamin's daughter Ary married Robert L. Pullium in 1893 in NC. Since she moved to Loudon County, TN later and remarried there, it is possible the family may still have been in NC at that time.

Mary Elizabeth, my great grandmother, also had two children during this time, Nettie and Walter.

Nettie was born on April 11,1891 in North Carolina and died March 15, 1969 in Cherokee County, SC. I had hoped to obtain a copy of her death certificate to see if there was a father listed, however South Carolina did not provide this information until fifty years past the date of death unless you are a direct descendant. After waiting for the fifty year period to expire, SC changed the way they issue death certificates and now allow them to be posted online. The death certificate did not provide any additional information as to who their father might be.

My grandfather, Walter Johnson, was born May 10, 1893. I believe that he was born in Tennessee although the 1900 census lists it as Georgia and the 1910 census lists it as North Carolina. I don't yet know the name of Walter's father or why he retained the Johnson name. However, family stories have Mary Elizabeth dying during or soon after Walter's birth. I believe him to be raised by his grandfather Benjamin and his aunt Ary Isabelle Johnson Lanter. Walter's death certificate has Benjamin Johnson (his grandfather) listed as his father and no information on his mother. Under the Freedom of Information Act, I obtained paperwork from the Department of Energy in hope of finding information on his father. Unfortunately, these documents also listed his grandparents as his parents.


On June 1, 1900 Benjamin filed the first of two Civil War pension applications. It states that one daughter is living with him. The Loudon County, TN Census was badly damaged and many parts are unreadable. However, after more searching, I finally found a listing for Benjamin C. Johnson. The record is at the bottom of one page and the top of the next. Unfortunately, most of the information at the bottom of the page is impossible to read. By using our photo imaging software to manipulate the image, we were able to clearly see it was "Ben C. and Liddie M. Johnson" listed. There are two more individuals listed on the same page that are unreadable. At the top of the next page I do find my grandfather Walter Johnson and his sister Nettie. Interestingly, Walter and Nettie are listed as Webb's and as being born in Georgia. This raises more questions, but also gives a possible clue to who their father was.

1900 Census Record:

First Civil District; Loudon County, Tennessee; 11 and 12 June 1900; Pages 10b and 11a
Dw.#Fam.#NameRelationRaceSex    DOBAgeM/SYrsBirthplace  Father Mother
208212Ben C Johnson HeadWMDec 182772M40NCNCNC
Liddie MWifeWF????NCNCNC
Nettie WebbGranddaughterWFApril 18919SGAGANC
Walter WebbGrandsonWMMay 18937SGAGANC


Benjamin filed the second Civil War Pension application. It list two grandchildren living with him, I assume this is Walter and Nettie. The Pension Application was accepted November 1, 1904. He was receiving $15.00 per month at the time of his death in 1920.


The 1910 Loudon County, TN census lists Benjamin, his wife and my grandfather Walter. Benjamin's wife in all previous census records was listed as either "Lydia" or "Liddie", however this time she is listed as "Martha". The enumerator also listed Benjamin's middle initial as "B" instead of "C". It also lists Lydia as having had 12 children, with 5 still living. I have only found information for ten children.

1910 Census Record:

First District; Loudon County, Tennessee; 28 April 1910; Sheet 4A
Dw.#Fam.#NameRel.SexRaceAgeMar.Yrs#ChildLiv.Birth FatherMother
5458Bengemon B Johnson HeadMW81M154NCNCNC


Lydia Margaret Danner-Johnson died on January 13, 1917 in Loudon County, TN. She was buried on January 15, 1917 at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Loudon, TN. The grave is either unmarked or unreadable.


Walter Johnson entered active duty in the United States Army in April 1918 and trained at Camp Gordon, GA. He was assigned to Company C 321st Machine Gun Battalion and sailed for overseas duty in May 1918. Walter was active in all engagements of his unit and was involved in the following battles:

Toul Sector, 14 July to 8 August 1918
Marbache Sector, 3 September to 13 September 1918
St. Mihiel Offensive, 13 September to 16 September 1918
Meuse - Argonne Offensive, 6 October to 30 October 1918

He returned to the United States in May 1919. Rated excellent, he was discharged at Fort Oglethorpe, GA. He later worked on the Manhattan Project for the Atomic Energy Commission at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN.


In the 1920 Loudon County, TN census Benjamin is living with his daughter Ary and her husband George Lanter. I have not been able to find Walter Johnson in the 1920 census.

1920 Census Record:

Old Fifth District of Civil District 1; Loudon County, Tennessee; 9 and 12 January 1920; Sheet 3A
4345George LanterHeadMW59MVAVAVA
Benjamin JohnsonFather in LawMW96WNCNCNC
William JoyBoarderMW11STNTNTN

Benjamin C. Johnson died on February 14, 1920 in Loudon County, TN. He was buried on February 15, 1920 at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Loudon, TN. The grave is either unmarked or unreadable.


Walter Johnson married Mary Leona Evans on September 25, 1921. Leona was born April 7, 1904 in Loudon County, TN. She was the daughter of George Webber Evans and Louisa Lane. George W. Evans was born in Claiborne County, TN on August 20, 1874 and died February 19, 1954 in Loudon County, TN. Louisa Lane was born July 16 1879 in Blount County, TN. She died April 5, 1952 in Loudon County, TN. Both are buried at South Holston Church Cemetery in Loudon County, TN.


In the 1930 Loudon County, TN census I find Walter, Leona, and four of their children. I have a photo of the houseboat on which the Johnson family lived at that time. Pictured are Walter and Leona Evans Johnson and their children, with the exception of their youngest son, born after the photo was taken (Mid 1930's)

1930 Census Record:

Lenoir City; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 19, 1930; Sheet 16B
341351Walter Johnson HeadMW35MTNUSTN
Sylvester FredSonMW8STNTNTN
LillianDaughter FW4-4/12 STNTNTN
Wilburn LoydSonMW1-4/12STNTNTN


The 1940 Loudon County, TN census has Walter, Leona, and their eight children. The family was still living on the houseboat. While searching through the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) website, I came across a photo taken in 1942 by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the construction of Fort Loudoun Dam on the Tennessee River. Pictured is the youngest son who was not in the earlier photo.

1940 Census Record:

Lenoir City; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 22, 1940; Sheet 15B
276Walter JohnsonHeadMW46MTN
Walter Jr.SonMW16STN
LillianDaughter FW15STN


The 1950 Loudon County, TN census has Walter, Leona, and 6 of their children. One more child, Fred is living next door with his wife Betty Louetta Presley Johnson, daughter Linda Sue Johnson, and step daughter Shirley Cummings. Betty is the daughter of John Robert and Pearley Mae Braynt Presley. I have not been able to find the 1950 census record for the remaining son Walter Edward Johnson and his wife Virginia Dean Johnson.

1950 Census Record:

E.D. Number 53-13; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 10, 1950; Sheet 8
66Johnson, WalterHeadWM64MarTN
LillianDaughter WF25NevTN
67Johnson, FredHeadWM28MarTN
Linda SueDaughterWF1NevTN
Cummings, ShirleyStep DaughterWF14NevTN


Walter Johnson died March 14, 1957 in Loudon County, TN. He was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Loudon County, TN.


Mary Leona Evans Johnson died October 10, 1993 in Knox County, TN. She was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Loudon County, TN.

Birth and Death Dates:

Birth and Death dates for the children of Walter and Leona Evans Johnson:

Walter Edward Johnsonb. April 28, 1923d. February 11, 2001
Fred Sylvester Johnsonb. January 31, 1922d. January 22, 1997
Lillian Edna Johnson Jenkins  b. September 27 d. January 25, 2009
Arthur McQuarter Johnsonb. October 22, 1926d. April 30, 1928
Lloyd Wilburn Johnsonb. September 7, 1928  d. December 2, 1993
Rosa Johnson McCullochb. December 4, 1930d. March 18, 2004
William Floyd Johnsonb. June 25 1933d. March 22, 1959
Beulah Mae Johnson Walkerb. October 29, 1935d. February 25, 2016
John Matthew Johnsonb. June 20, 1937d. July 3, 2004


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NOTE: Copies of any of the above sources are available by request.