About WebForMatt.com

WebForMatt.com began in 1999 as a simple one-page site for our son Matt. It was called "Matt's Web Page". Looking back, it wasn't very well constructed, but we had made our little mark on the "Web". It also installed a desire to learn more about HTML and web design. Like Matt, his page began to grow and change.

At about the same time, Matt asked a question about one of his ancestors. In trying to answer his question, we realized just how little we knew of our family history. This began an ongoing search of our family history. The next step was to combine the two interests and put our genealogy online.

In 2000 we decided if we were going to have a site, we needed to get our own domain name. Since Matt was actually the driving force behind all of this, the domain we chose was "WebForMatt.com".

Again like Matt, WebForMatt.com began to grow and change. We are currently on our tenth design version of the site, with countless modifications in between. The site has grown to nearly 300 pages and Matt's simple little question all those years ago has evolved into a database of over 26,500 names and thousands of source records.

Even though Matt had long outgrown it and we weren't updating it anymore, we kept "Matt's Web Page" online for several years. It was actually kind of sad when we finally retired it from the web, but considering Matt has a degree in Computer Science and is working in that field, he probably doesn't want to look at code we had written when he was six years old. In fact, he looks at my code and laughs at how far behind I am with technology.

We hope as you browse through the site, you will find some information that will be helpful in the research of your family history. Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, additions or corrections.