Evans Family Timeline


When starting to research a family surname, I take the information I know as "fact" and can then usually make some assumptions to decide the direction to head in my research. I approached this surname in that same manner. I knew the following:

  • My 2nd great grandfather was Lafayette Evans.
  • His tombstone indicated his Civil War service.
  • He married a Lambert in Claiborne County, Tennessee

I soon found 1870 and 1880 Claiborne County, Tennessee census records for Lafayette, his wife Sarah and their children. From this information I made the following assumptions:

  • Since he was in two consecutive Claiborne County censuses, he was probably born in this area.
  • It seemed that many of the families that settled in this area migrated from Virginia.
  • There was another, older Lafayette Evans in Claiborne County. Although it didn't appear he was my Lafayette's father, there had to be a connection.

I did quite a bit of researching records for that area, but made no progress finding Lafayette's parents or siblings. After I received a copy of Lafayette's Civil War Pension application, I realized just how wrong my assumptions had been.

Lafayette was born in Monroe County, Tennessee and served around the Claiborne County, Tennessee area during the Civil War. Undoubtedly, this is when he met his future wife Sarah Lambert. After a search of census records I found an 1860 Monroe County, Tennessee record for Lafayette and his family. Most families in this part of Tennessee migrated from North Carolina. Although he appeared in two consecutive Claiborne County, Tennessee census records, they were strictly by coincidence. His pension application indicated the family moved quite frequently during that time, so they just happened to be in Claiborne County when the census was taken. I have yet to find any connection to the other Lafayette Evans.


Joseph Evans was born about 1805 and his wife Cyntha was born about 1810, both were born in Tennessee. This information is from the 1860 census. This is the only record I have found for Joseph and Cyntha.


I have Lafayette F. Evans being born May 15 1843 in Monroe County, Tennessee. As is often the case, there is quite a difference in age between the various records. Most have his birth year anywhere from 1841 to 1845, with one even being 1848. I have not found any written record which gives a full birth date. The 1900 census has the date October 1848, but I am certain that year is much later than his actual birth year. The Civil War Pension records only list a birth date one time that I have found and it is simply the year 1843. The majority of the ages given on records calculate out to about 1843. The date I am using was provided by one of my aunts who researched the family many years ago. If I was told where the information was obtained, then the source has slipped my mind. It's probably a case of me not asking the right question when I had the opportunity. Since other information she had provided me has proven to be correct, I have decided to use this date. Her research was long before the internet and at a time when many of the older family members were still alive.


The 1860 Monroe County, Tennessee census record is the first and only record I find for Lafayette, his parents, and siblings. I have searched extensively for prior year census records for this family, but have not found any. In fact, with the exception of Lafayette, I cannot "proof positive" find any earlier or later records for any of the family members. I have found some possibilities, but nothing I would be prepared to offer as "fact".

Due to the way they are listed in the census, I believe Mary and Sarah Evans are probably grandchildren, but I don't know who the parents were. Oddly enough, I do have a DNA match with a descendant of Sarah Evans. It is my hope that either through this website or possibly a DNA match, I can expand my information on this family. If you descend from any of the persons listed here, I would welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and information.

1860 Census Record:

17th Civil District; Monroe County, Tennessee; July 1860; Page 301
16181638Joseph Evans  55MFarmerTN
Cyntha Evans50FTN
Elisabeth Evans25FTN
Jane Evans23FTN
John Evans21MTN
Lafayatt Evans19MTN
Elvira Evans16FTN
Barclay Evans13MTN
Nancy Evans11FTN
Turner Evans9MTN
Decator Evans2MTN
Mary Evans9FTN
Sarah Evans7FTN


Lafayette Evans served in the United States Army during the Civil War. He enlisted in Company C, 11th Cavalry Regiment Tennessee on March 28, 1863 at Liberty, Casey County, Kentucky and mustered at Camp Nelson in Jessamine County, Kentucky on August 15, 1863. The 11th Cavalry was later consolidated into the 9th Cavalry Regiment Tennessee and Lafayette served in Company I. He was discharged September 11, 1865 at Knoxville, Tennessee.

During his service, he was captured on February 22, 1864 at Wyermans Mills in Lee County, Virginia and sent to Belle Isle in Richmond, Virginia. Lafayette was then sent to Andersonville, Georgia. He was a Prisoner of War for about 10 months at Andersonville prison in Americus, Georgia. On May 5, 1864 he was shot in right arm while attempting an escape. Also, while imprisoned, he fell on a "stump or sharp stake" and was injured just below his left eye.

Information from Prisoner of War records show him captured at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee on February 22, 1864 and confined at Richmond, Virginia on March 9, 1864. He was then sent to Americus, Georgia on March 18, 1864. Lafayette was paroled at Charleston, South Carolina on December 10, 1864 and reported to Camp Parole in Annapolis, Maryland on December 16, 1864. He was furloughed on December 26, 1864 for thirty days to report to Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio.

I have a copy of Lafayette's pension application, as well as his second wife's widow application.


Lafayette Evans married Sarah Ann "Sally" Lambert, the daughter of James Jefferson Lambert and Mary Ann Roark, on February 23, 1865 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. She was born on May 21, 1846 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

The birthdates for their children come from his Civil War Pension Application. I have included the death dates when known.

Children of Lafayette and Sarah Lambert Evans:

William Joseph Evansb. February 24, 1866d. February 8, 1912
James Washington Evans  b. October 7, 1868d. 1942
John Thomas Evansb. September 10, 1870   d. December 18, 1927
Mary Belle Evansb. November 12, 1872d. 1913
George W. Evansb. August 20, 1874d. February 19, 1954
Virginia Anne Evansb. January 15, 1876d. Unknown
Minnie Evansb. June 2, 1878d. Unknown


In 1870 I find Lafayette, Sarah, and three of their children living in Tazewell, Claiborne County, Tennessee.

1870 Census Record:

9th Civil District; Claiborne County, Tennessee; 20 July 1870; Page 35
Dwelling #  Family #  NameAge   Sex  Race  Occupation  Birthplace
267237Evans, Lafayett  26MWFarmerTN
Evans, Sarah24FWKeeping HouseTN
Evans, Joseph3MWTN
Evans, James2MWTN
Evans, John T.7/12MWTN


The 1880 census finds Lafayette, Sarah and seven children living in Claiborne County, Tennessee. This is also the first record for George W. Evans, my direct ancestor. George W. Evans was born August 20, 1874 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. George's middle name presents a bit of confusion for me. The funeral home records and his death certificate have it as Webber, but his military and social security records list it as Wilburn. To prevent confusion, I have chosen to just list him as "George W. Evans".

1880 Census Record:

9th Civil District; Claiborne County, Tennessee; 3 June 1880; Page 6
Dw#Fam#NameRace   Sex  Age  Relationship  Occupation  Birthplace  Father Mother
5761Evans, Lafayett  WM38FarmerTNTNTN
SarahWF34WifeKeeping House  TNTNTN


Sarah Ann Lambert Evans died on November 10, 1881. She was buried in Lambert Cemetery, Claiborne County, Tennessee.


Lafayette Evans married Mary Elizabeth Guinn, the daughter of Isaac and Louise Guinn, on January 7, 1883 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. She was born on December 24, 1864 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

The birthdates for their children come from his Civil War Pension Application and her Civil War Widows Pension Application.

Children of Lafayette and Mary Elizabeth Guinn Evans:

Robert Newton Evansb. April 28, 1884
Margaret Evans  b. March 29, 1885
Charlie Lee Evansb. May 24, 1892
Jesse Elmer Evansb. June 16, 1895
Andy Johnson Evansb. July 30, 1898
Rosalee Louise Evans  b. September 6, 1903


George W. Evans married Louisa "Lou" Lane, daughter of James Pink Lane and Eliza Jane Walker, on November 28, 1896 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Louisa was born on July 16, 1879 in Blount County, Tennessee.

Children of George and Louisa Evans:

Mary Leona Evansb. April 7, 1904d. October 10, 1993
Tom Evansb. June 10, 1913d. June 2, 1934
George Charles Evans  September 5, 1914d. April 15, 1948
Minnie Lou Evansb. August 14, 1916d. October 28, 2003
Gertrude Evansb. February 11, 1918d. November 20, 2004
James Robert Evansb. March 7, 1921d. March 23, 1954
Fate Evansb. November 24, 1924  d. July 5, 2016


In 1900 Lafayette and Elizabeth are living in Marion County, Tennessee with five children. The census record shows that Elizabeth has had six children, with five living. I have no information on the other child.

1900 Census Record:

Fourteenth District; Marion County, Tennessee; 14 June 1900; Page 65A
Dw.#Fam.#NameRelationRace Sex  DOBAge M/SYrs Birthplace   FatherMother
159192Evans, Fayette HeadWMOct 184851M16TNDon't Know  Don't Know
ElizabethWifeWFDec 186732M16TNTNTN
MaggieDaughterWFMch 188416STNTNTN
Robert Newton SonWMMch 1886  14STNTNTN
CharlieSonWMMay 18928STNTNTN
JesseeSonWMMay 18945STNTNTN
Andy J.SonWMJuly 18981STNTNTN

George W. Evans and his wife Louisa "Lou" Lane Evans are living in the home of her father. There are a couple of errors in this census record worth pointing out. Minnie's listed birth year is 1882, it should be 1888. Also, the John that is listed as a son, is actually a daughter named Johnnie Mae.

1900 Census Record:

9th District; Loudon County, Tennessee; 30 June 1900; Page 98A
Dw.#Fam.#NameRelationRace Sex  DOBAge M/SYrs Birthplace Father Mother
373398Lane, James P.HeadWMMch 186139M22TNTNTN
Lane, ElizaWifeWFDec 185149M22TNTNTN
Evans, LouisaDaughterWFJuly 187920M4TNTNTN
Evans, Geo.Son in Law WMAug 187425M4TNTNTN
ElizabethDaughterWFMch 188614STNTNTN
MinnieDaughterWFFeb 188212STNTNTN
JamesSonWMJuly 188911STNTNTN
JohnSonWMMay 18928STNTNTN
SamuelSonWMMay 18946STNTNTN


Lafayette F. Evans dies on March 9, 1903 in Marion County, Tennessee. This is about five years prior to Tennessee's issuing of death certificates. The date and location of his death is from the Civil War Pension information. He was buried on March 11, 1903 at Martel United Methodist Cemetery in Loudon County, Tennessee. At the time of Lafayette's death, Elizabeth is pregnant with a daughter, Rosalee Louise, who was born in September of 1903.


Elizabeth and her five children are in Knox County, Tennessee in 1910. There is an error on the census record, Elizabeth is listed as "married" instead of "widowed". There is no other information about the marriage listed, as would be normal for married individuals.

1910 Census Record:

Knoxville; Knox County, Tennessee; 16 April 1910; Sheet 4A
Dw.#Fam.#NameRel.SexRaceAgeMar.Birth FatherMother
6162Evans, Lizzie HeadFW40MTNTNTN
MaggieDaughter FW22DTNTNTN

The 1910 census finds George, his wife Louisa, and their daughter Mary Leona living in Loudon County, Tennessee. Leona is my direct ancestor.

1910 Census Record:

Second District; Loudon County, Tennessee; 17th May 1910; Sheet 33B
Dw.#Fam.#NameRel.SexRaceAgeMar.Birth FatherMother
566603Evans, George HeadMW35M1TNUSUS
Mary L.DaughterFW6STNTNTN


In 1919 George W. Evans was employed by Mark Raymond Harrington to help with an archeological excavation at Bussell Island. The island was located where the Tennessee and Little Tennessee Rivers join, near Lenoir City, Tennessee. In 1922 the Heye Foundation published the book, Cherokee and Earlier Remains on Upper Tennessee River by M. R. Harrington. According to the book, this study of archeology was made possible by Clarence B. Moore a trustee of the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation of New York City. There is a page in the book which includes a photograph of George W. Evans. I do have a digital copy of the book.


In 1920, Mary Elizabeth Guinn Evans and three of her children are in Knox County, Tennessee.

1920 Census Record:

12th Civil District 1; Knox County, Tennessee; 9 January 1920; Sheet 11B
224245Evans, LizzieHeadFW51WTNTNTN

George and Louisa Lane Evans, along with their five children, are living in Loudon County, Tennessee.

1920 Census Record:

District 2; Loudon County, Tennessee; 24,26 January 1920; Sheet 19A
355361Ivans, GeorgeHeadMW45MTNTNTN
LeonaDaughter FW16STNTNTN
MinnieDaughterFW3-4/12 STNTNTN


Mary Leona Evans married Walter Johnson, the son of Mary Elizabeth Johnson, on September 25, 1921 in Loudon County, Tennessee. He was born on May 10, 1893 in Loudon County, Tennessee. I do not know the name of his father.


I have been unable to find a census record for George W. Evans and his family in 1930. They were living in Loudon County, Tennessee.

In the 1930 Knox County, Tennessee census I find Mary Elizabeth Guinn Evans living with her son Andrew and his family. One mistake in this record is the "H" for the middle initial for Andrew and most likely his son as well.

1930 Census Record:

Knoxville; Knox County, Tennessee; April 12, 1930; Sheet 20A
463472Evans, Andrew H. HeadMW32MTNTNTN
Andrew H. Jr.SonMW4-1/12STNTNTN
Betty J.Daughter FW2-2/12 STNTNTN
Mary E.MotherFW65WdTNTNTN

In the 1930 Loudon County, Tennessee census I find Walter, Leona, and four of their children. I have a photo of the houseboat on which the Johnson family lived at that time. Pictured are Walter and Leona Evans Johnson and their children, with the exception of their youngest son, born after the photo was taken (Mid 1930's).

1930 Census Record:

Lenoir City; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 19, 1930; Sheet 16B
341351Walter Johnson HeadMW35MTNUSTN
Sylvester FredSonMW8STNTNTN
LillianDaughter FW4-4/12 STNTNTN
Wilburn LoydSonMW1-4/12STNTNTN


Mary Elizabeth Guinn Evans died on December 14, 1937. I have been unable to find a death certificate for her. This date was taken from her Civil War Widow's Pension information.


I find George and Louisa Lane Evans in Loudon County, Tennessee in the 1940 census.

1940 Census Record:

Civil District 2; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 15, 1940; Sheet 4B
276Evans, GeorgeHeadMW66MTN
George Jr.SonMW25MTN
FannieDau. in Law FW20MTN

The 1940 Loudon County, Tennessee census has Walter, Leona, and their eight children. The family was still living on the houseboat. While searching through the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) website, I came across a photo taken in 1942 by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the construction of Fort Loudoun Dam on the Tennessee River. Pictured is the youngest son who was not in the earlier photo.

1940 Census Record:

Lenoir City; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 22, 1940; Sheet 15B
276Walter JohnsonHeadMW46MTN
Walter Jr.SonMW16STN
LillianDaughter FW15STN


In the 1950 Loudon County, Tennessee census I find George and Louisa Lane Evans living alone. Next door is their youngest son Fate Evans and his wife Frances Iva Mae Daniels Evans. Iva is the daughter of James and Willie Dotson Daniels.

1950 Census Record:

E.D. Number 53-21; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 27, 1950; Sheet 35
262Evans, George WHeadWM77MarTN
263Evans, FateHeadWM24MarTN

The 1950 Loudon County, Tennessee census has Walter, Leona, and 6 of their children. One more child, Fred is living next door with his wife Betty Louetta Presley Johnson, daughter Linda Sue Johnson, and step daughter Shirley Cummings. Betty is the daughter of John Robert and Pearley Mae Braynt Presley. I have not been able to find the 1950 census record for the remaining son Walter Edward Johnson and his wife Virginia Dean Johnson.

1950 Census Record:

E.D. Number 53-13; Loudon County, Tennessee; April 10, 1950; Sheet 8
66Johnson, WalterHeadWM64MarTN
LillianDaughter WF25NevTN
67Johnson, FredHeadWM28MarTN
Linda SueDaughterWF1NevTN
Cummings, ShirleyStep DaughterWF14NevTN


Louisa "Lou" Lane Evans died on April 5, 1952 in Loudon County, Tennessee and was buried on April 5, 1952 at South Holston Church Cemetery in Loudon County, Tennessee.


George W. Evans died on February 19, 1954 in Loudon County, Tennessee and was buried on February 21, 1954 at South Holston Church Cemetery in Loudon County, Tennessee.


Walter Johnson died March 14, 1957 in Loudon County, Tennessee and was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Loudon County, Tennessee.


Mary Leona Evans Johnson died October 10, 1993 in Knox County, Tennessee and was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Loudon County, Tennessee.

Birth and Death Dates:

Birth and Death dates for the children of Walter and Leona Evans Johnson:

Walter Edward Johnsonb. April 28, 1923d. February 11, 2001
Fred Sylvester Johnsonb. January 31, 1922d. January 22, 1997
Lillian Edna Johnson Jenkins  b. September 27 d. January 25, 2009
Arthur McQuarter Johnsonb. October 22, 1926d. April 30, 1928
Lloyd Wilburn Johnsonb. September 7, 1928  d. December 2, 1993
Rosa Johnson McCullochb. December 4, 1930d. March 18, 2004
William Floyd Johnsonb. June 25 1933d. March 22, 1959
Beulah Mae Johnson Walkerb. October 29, 1935d. February 25, 2016
John Matthew Johnsonb. June 20, 1937d. July 3, 2004


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NOTE: Copies of any of the above sources are available by request.